Thursday, May 22, 2014

MC Travel Network  is a Travel Service that builds Reward Programs for Businesses and You have just found the Best kept secret on the internet. Is your business failing? Offer FREE Vacation Certificates To Increase your Sales, Reward your Customers with Travel Certificates and put a Boost in your Business for Promotions, Specials, and Referrals $$$.  For Realtors this is a Great Gift to give  to your Clients for example at a Open House, at a Closing, for a Listing , or a Rental.  We are able to Customize Your Certificates with your Business Name, Website, & Phone  Number.Just think..... How your  Business  can Increase by 20% to 35% by giving  Travel Rewards to your Customer or Clients.

All Businesses need to Generate Traffic,  Owners should offer Valuable Incentives to their Prospective Customers. Travel is the #1 Incentive that moves People into ACTION  because everyone loves to Travel .  With Low Cost and High Value, you are Guaranteed to Increase your Sales with Happy Customers. They will remember what a great time they had and tell All there Friends and Family.  You give your clients a trip and made a friend for life. Now this is Great for Wedding Planners Insurance companies
Merchants, Home Based Businesses,Car Dealers, anyone selling a product or service.  This will TRIPLE your leads and sales by offering your customers THREE DAY/ 2 FREE NIGHTS at a major Hotel for ex. Las Vegas or Orlando  or 
 8 Day/7 Night Resort Getaway  to Mexico or Hawaii  Get Thousands of Visitors to your Business or Website with this Fantastic Offer.  DON'T PASS UP THIS OPPORTUNITY! 
 You will Receive More Referrals for your Business and isn't that what you need.  Minimum Order of 100 for all Vouchers. We have 3 day/ 2 nights at $2.00 each 39 locations  and 8 Day/7 Night Resort Getaways  30 USA locations and 10 Exotic locations to for $3.00 each.  As a bonus Restaurant Vouchers & Grocery Vouchers both  for  only $1.00.  You Deserve to take a Vacation too....... Call Cheryle for more Information 786-529-0832 or email  and be sure to Check out our Video  at the top of the page To Purchase your Certificates go to there is a link on the Bottom of the blog.

Real Estate - Mortgage
Home Buying - Home Loan - Refinances
Gift for listing a home, buying home, refinancing home ,open house,  rentals , referrals

Wedding - Honeymoons
Wedding & Event Planning

Gift from wedding service vendors | Dress, cake, photographers + more

High Ticket & Retail Sales
Car Dealers - Furniture - Retailers
Rewards for test driving | Large purchases | In house financing​

Call Center & Tele-Sales
Set Appointments - Close More Deals 
Give your sales team the edge. Get more customers and more 
sales, referrals

Charitable Donation Reward

Thank You Gift For Donations 

Fundraising , Auction Prizes 
​Thank You gifts for donation levels.

Travel Agencies
Vacation Clubs & Travel Centers
Give a bonus reward to your customers for bookings or sign ups.

They call it "Super Market Magic." Imagine an incentive that is guaranteed to save a family $1000 off the groceries of their choice valid at any supermarket.  Great incentive that keeps your customers happy. 

 The $1000 restaurant incentive now includes additional savings at not just hundreds of restaurants, both locally and nationally, but also offers up to $500 in grocery coupons for that extra value. Another great incentive to get more leads and sales.

Loyalty Rewards

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